Hannah Simon

Reflecting on my strengths from strength quest, I interpreted it a bit different than the generic explanation. My top five were achiever, includer, discipline, learner, and positivity. These al reflect my personality and life pretty well. I saw that I do indeed show traits of one who is driven to succeed, and next up is include. In my own words these are some core values I live my life by. I identity most with achiever. I strive in my academics to be my best, but also shine in my daily life as well. Also I love including others, and no one I feel should ever be excluded, which makes sense why that is next. These impact my academic, personal, and social life by molding the values and behaviors I perform on a daily basis. I constantly remind myself where I came from, and reflect upon my strengths, but also be aware of my weaknesses I need to work on. In conclusion, strengths quest reflected many traits that are prevalent in my life, but how I interpret them I believe is different than those around me who may have similar top fives.

When reflecting back on My Ohio State Tradition piece I wrote, I wrote it on Mirror Lake jump. Unfortunately, this year this tradition was a tragedy. I chose to go home early and miss the mirror lake jump, but now I am reflecting back on my choice and I am quite happy I chose the safe route. When searching for something to write for the essay which was to focus on an OSU tradition, I chose Mirror Lake/ Mirror Lake jump because it was a place and an event I heard a lot about, but I wanted to dig deeper and learn more details about this monument and yearly tradition/event. I learned a lot more information about the start of mirror lake and the physical composition and work that goes into the lake. Mirror Lake jump was just an additional part of the tradition. I viewed many web sights about different OSU traditions and this stood out because anyone would participate in the jump, or anyone can enjoy and love the beauty of mirror lake. This essay and assignment helped me realize all the differ traditions that OSU has to offer, and how there is much deeper and important information about this monumental places that everyone loves around campus.

Through attending the first year success series I was able to grow in many different ways. I attended a BBC reflection workshop, stress workshop, leadership opportunity workshop and two others. Through these workshops I learned a lot about further connections to our lives from the book, as well