Simon Bottle

Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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Simon Bottle is a Law graduate with an investment banking background including 7 years at Goldman Sachs. Since launching the independent UK FCA regulated firm Alpha Diversify in early 2008, Simon has provided a variety of consulting services in the investment space. Simon’s current focus is on the benefits of robo-advice.

What Does Robo-advice Mean?

‘Robo advice’ is big news currently as a relatively new concept. Good Robo-advice provides cutting edge technology that enables investors to benefit from the real world expertise of wealth managers. The service delivers portfolios founded on top quality asset allocation designed to meet the investment objectives of the investor at a cost effective pricepoint.

Why Is Robo-advice Required?

The vast majority of personal investors handle all or part of their investments themselves. This ‘Do It Yourself’ method requires a lot of time and can be very risky even for those with investment experience.

Robo-advice gives these disintermediated investors the opportunity to own a top quality investment portfolio which they otherwise would not have had.