Simon Cube

Boston, MA

What's hot in the world of tech right now? What I see isn't so much a paradigm shift but a paradigmatic inversion of variables, from hierarchical, conglomorate metastasis to adaptive, social vigor.

It's a shock-and-awe strike on establishment bodies, and a hammerblow to tyranny. What we see in the world of decentralized technologies, (the Bitcoin blockchain, Tor, and various mobile social networks) is a revolutionary new way to think about computing, and the way we share (and protect) our personal information, media, and even value.

In my decade in the tech world, I've seen many fads come and go, and seen many startling changes reverberate and aftershock throughout the world's mainstream. All the while I've tried to do the near-impossible, to predict the impact of world-changing technologies as they only begin. I hold a view of an optimistic, techno-utopian future as a foregone conclusion, a literal necessity, and a true cultural singularity.

My most proud investments have been in Skype, Tesla, and, but I'm sure the most amazing innovations haven't yet crested the horizon.

  • Work
    • Venture Capital
  • Education
    • MBA, Harvard