Simon Darby

I am a designer.

I started out as a newspaper and magazine cartoonist, moving into advertising as a graphic designer, then art director, before setting out as a freelance digital illustrator and 3D animator.

When the Internet came along I was called in to explain this new media to the big agencies. I was only ever a few days ahead of most people with that kind of insight given how fast the world was changing.

These days I work on brand development, mostly around the web, but cross over easily into other media.

When I started designing for the web there were no design schools teaching this stuff, so I picked it all up as I worked at its fuzzy edge.

I've lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada. Today I work all over the world, particuarly in North America, all from the comfort of home.

  • Work
    • Partner at Darby.Pro and Two Strategic