Simon Enderby


Simon graduated from Aberdeen University with a BSc (Hons.) degree in Marine Zoology. He was a leading figure in the first scientific research expedition to Pulau Layang Layang, Malaysia in the South China Sea. Having worked with the Sea Mammal Research Unit and British Antarctic Survey in the UK, he returned to Malaysia in 1997 to survey the entire coast and coral reefs of Sabah as well as run a turtle research programme. Simon joined Scubazoo in early 1998 and has dived extensively all aroudn the globe, on many scientific and environmental assignments as well as myriad TV projects.

Over the years Simon has faced many unique and incredible situations whilst filming - wild saltwater crocodiles, South Africa's incredible "Sardine Run", great white sharks, giant octopus, wild dugongs & manatees, feeding dolphins, six gilled sharks, deep water wrecks and some of the worlds remotest sea mounts have all been covered.

Simon has over 3000 dives and is a qualified PADI & BSAC Assistant Instructor with TDI Nitrox, Extended Range and Rebreather Diver certifications, as well as hard hat and surface supply diving experience.

His dream is to re-trace his ancestor's discovery of Enderby Land in Antarctica and compare their lives as old school whalers to his life as a modern day marine biologist/underwater camerman.

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