Simon Gilchrist

I was born on May 27, 1993. I grew up in a small town about two hours from Toronto. I am the youngest of 3 siblings. I have one older sister and had an older brother who passed away from brain cancer in Oct/2011.

When I was younger I was a very adventurous kid, always running off into the bushes by my house when my mom or dad weren't looking and occasionally getting lost for hours which lead to family search parties in the middle of the day. As I got older I developed this passion for the outdoors and when I was six years of age, I decided to try out snowboarding. With me being a kid that stuck by the saying "I can do it myself" tried to teach myself. Turned out snowboarding isn't something you can't just pick up after an hour. So after hours of smashing my tail bone into the ground my brother finally decided to help me and sure enough with a little bit of guidence I was on my way.

Snowboarding has had a big impact on my life in many different ways. It was a sport that I have stuck beside from many years, left me with many memories and now is part of my future career goals.

I am currently enrolled in Small and Medium Enterprise Management at Algonquin college. I am going into my finally year with an opened mind to learn everything I can about owning my own business. Now, you might ask yourself what does snowboarding and owning your own business have in common, while for me the snowboarding lifestyle and sport has made me think of a career in it. When I am finised school I will be moving out to B.C to live with my uncle and help him with his business and eventually move my way up into a management position. After learning the ropes and having years of on the job experience I will hopefully be soon on my way of owning my own board sport business.