Simon Greenwold

I like to make things. I like to teach. I like to do things I don't already know I can do. I was born in Washington, DC in 1973. I went to Yale University where I double-majored in English and Applied Math (which was neat because I got to get a BS in English). I wrote software for two years at Bloomberg, LP in New York. I left that to teach high school at Friends Seminary. I taught Geometry and Computer Science the first year, American Literature and Computer Science the second year. It was great. I met somebody there in New York who would later agree to marry me. After two years teaching I left to go to Architecture School at MIT. After two years of that, I switched to the Media Lab at MIT, where I studied in John Maeda's Aesthetics and Computation Group. I got my masters there, thesis "Spatial Computing." Then I went back to Yale and taught computational design at the School of Architecture for two semesters. Then I came back to the Boston area to work at MathWorks, where my team has been working like mad to modernize the Simulink and Stateflow diagram editors. I have taught and periodically given lectures on and off during that time at the Harvard School of Design, Yale School of Architecture, and MIT School of Architecture. I contributed the software lighting system and some of the camera code for the Processing project. I've got a few publications, and wrote a chapter on 3D graphics for the Processing book.