Simon Harper

London, United Kingdom.

Hi there, and welcome to my page!

I have been blessed/inflicted with the DNA and destiny of an 'entrepreneur', an honourable yet thoroughly misunderstood term.

I have worked from the age of 13. My first job was a paper-round, carried out on rollerblades. Shortly afterwards, my first few businesses included a school tuck shop, selling tennis balls back to people which had ended up on the school roof and selling French fire-crackers.

After university and a gap year, my first full time business involved the collection of free second hand furniture/appliances from Gumtree (similar to Craig's List). The items be collected and dropped off in one journey, and ranged from £50-£1000 per item. It was at the point that I made more in a day than my first job earned me in a month that my entrepreneurial fate was sealed.

For the last two years, I have been the founder and Managing Director of a Limited Company specialising in 3D LED technology. I found a gap in the market and an opportunity to travel to China in order to source LED and lighting manufacturers. Since then the number of reliable suppliers has grown and the relationships have flourished.

The marketing campaign for the product has been very successful, including almost 5 million YouTube views, and building up a large Facebook following and list of website members.
We attracted hundreds of international clients, ranging from Diversity Dance Group, Space in Ibiza, Ministry of Sound, Carl Cox's partner, the Dubai Shopping Mall, the UAE Government, Disney as well as international marketing and architectural companies working on such projects as Madison Square Gardens, the Louvre, Harrods and Ajax Football Club. We have completed many deals thus far, and have written many proposals of up to £2 million in value.

Having wittnessed the power of 5 million YouTube hits, I am now eager to make it big in social media marketing. I am looking to connect with like minded entrepreneurs and marketers, so that we may grow and succeed together!

Please connect with me and say 'Hi' on Linkedin or Twitter.