Simon Dennehy

Dublin, Ireland

I've worked as a designer for many years. It's a career that allows me to be inquisitive, nosey and übergeeky.

I've worked extremely hard to gain insights. I researched workers in offices, at home and in educational environments, for clues and insights to their habits and requirements.

These observations, along with years of academic research form the basis for our devoted work in Perch. I believe we can make huge contributions to the field. Within academia, we have gained traction and funding to delve deeper into task related work, for the educational sector. We have many significant partners, who have the power to make positive change and are willing to commit.

As a culture, we often neglect to critically question the fundamental building blocks, which affect our health and well-being. We listen, instead, to fads and campaigns, which cloak the truth and force a false sense of 'natural' on us. Health is a huge concern. Physical and mental health receive so much attention, of late. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies invest billions to correct our misinformed lifestyle choices. Well, at the most intimate end, where constant, prolonged, physical contact and cognitive interactions takes place, I have established a company that vows to develop for what's natural, effective and proven.

I founded Perch.

We began with a development in school furniture. We now operate across several sectors, looking at learning, postural requirements for adults and students and design for the disabled. It's an exciting and very rewarding direction that we are 100% committed to. Follow us and interact

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