Simon Tannock

Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I'm Dr Simon Tannock and I am passionate about microalgae and what it can do to save the world. Not only will algae provide fuel for the world in the future, but it will provide large amounts of food as well. The business opportunities are fantastic at this early stage in the industry's growth.

I am really excited to help people and businesses that want to be part of this amazing industry, or just to reap some of the benefits of well placed investments, to get involved and realise great outcomes.

I have worked with algae for 16 years in the fields of biotechnology and environmental engineering. My skills and knowledge in science, engineering, business and innovation give me a big picture approach to my work. I am currently working with several companies with cutting edge technologies that produce microalgae for food and fuel. My role is to design and commission systems to produce the high value microalgae in various culture systems.

I have previously won innovation and invention awards, and I have developed many innovative systems that are used in microalgae culture today.

I see the huge possibilities that algae offer to solve multiple problems in our world today, and that is why I took the time to get a PhD in Environmental Engineering. Feel free to come on this fantastic journey with me!

  • Work
    • Microalgae production Consultant & Problem Solver
  • Education
    • BSc (Biochem), PGDipHortSci, MPhil (Biotech),
    • PhD (Env.Eng)