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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Simona, and I’m originally from Vilnius, Lithuania.

After finishing school I got a scholarship to study tourism in the UK, but the studies proved to be dry and boring, so I quit them very soon.

I went through different employments whilst in the UK, and after several years I was led to books on how to manage finances as well as information on personal development.

With the help of these new resources I managed to build a successful new age spirituality blog, and moved to India, as it’s the capital of yoga and is rich in Eastern spirituality in general.

However, as I was following Eastern mystical doctrines, I came to realize, through my own experience, the real source of the new age materials – the occult.

I realized that the practices encouraging one to reach an altered state of consciousness leave a person opened to the demonic influence rather than a divine one.

When I understood the true nature of Eastern mystical practices, I renounced them all, deleted all my new age articles, and accepted Jesus as my Savior in order to be protected. I’ve purchased the Bible and started studying it.

I felt like I was given a new life, a new chance to prove myself worthy through following true godly standards.

Creating this guide site about Pokhara tourist facilities and attractions was a natural next step. I needed to choose an occupation that would ground me and would be something that I knew about. Since Pokhara is my favorite destination which I visit frequently and stay for months at a time, I knew I could share my knowledge and make a positive contribution to this travel sphere.

Writing this site’s pages also helps me to apply the true Christian way of life, rather than only knowing it theoretically. Since Jesus encouraged His disciples to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated, that’s exactly the philosophy I’m trying to follow in this work. I write as informative and easy to read pages as possible, as such is the information I myself would like to be led to.

I also enjoy sharing personal advice on Pokhara travel because it makes me happy to provide the information that may prove useful in your life. It makes me happy to know that some of my tips could help you to save money, avoid dangerous situations or just assure a more enjoyable stay in Pokhara.

It also makes me happy to know that some readers may feel the good intention that went into creating each page of this website, and might feel happier because of readi