Set for Work

Software Engineer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Visit my website was founded by a human resource professional with certifications in both Canada and the U.S. Having 20 years of human resources experience, she was accustomed to supporting organizations to help increase their overall success using their most important asset – their people.

In our quest to provide responsive HR support to a variety of companies, we sought to find a product that could provide a meaningful and engaging staff experience, but no appropriate, easy-to-use interface was available.

We wanted more than just the basics. We wanted a software that offered employee files, on-boarding, training, company communications, staff scheduling and payroll on the same user-friendly electronic platform. In addition, we wanted the product to be affordable, efficient and quality-driven.

We understood the need for companies to allocate their available capital wisely while still minimizing the opportunity for error in their document systems. We didn’t want a shoestring budget to sabotage organizational success. As a result, in 2000, Prescheduling was born.

Prescheduling developed into a software as a service (SaaS), offering clients an exceptional web-based application. Not only did Prescheduling provide all of the amenities that we envisioned on one platform; it was accessible over the internet. As a result, clients would not have to install or maintain software, and the death of an individual computer was no longer the end of the world. Files were saved and managed on the web.

With Prescheduling, small and medium-sized businesses could finally eliminate unnecessary overhead to increase their bottom line. However, the state-of-the-art application included too many functions for its current name to be applicable. Thus, Prescheduling became Setforwork.

Suddenly, businesses of all sizes had the tools needed to redefine their organizational culture in a positive way. An effective strategic plan could be shared from the top of the organization to the greenest newbie, creating a company-wide synergy that fed the same goals and priorities. Brands could be enhanced, and each member of an organization’s workforce could produce with a higher level of competency and awareness of how his or her role fed the overall company vision.

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