Simona Marinelli


The first time I heard about Energetic Cooking was from Marta. We were working together at Can Benet Vives, preparing with enthusiasm healthy mainly vegetarian menus for our guests. She was studying Chinese Medicine and I got several tips from her, especially about Natural and Energetic Cooking. I had the pleasure to work there between September and October 2013.

I had the chance to live in the amazing "finca" Los Portales. Once again, I travelled with my backpack to work as a kitchen assistant. This time I could work side by side with Lisby and practicing with her what she calls "Cocina viva" (Living Cooking). The journey to get there was pretty long, since I started in Saint Gaudens (France), where I had a great experience at Cuisine et Santé. I could learn a lot about Macrobiotics both on a theoretical and practical level. It was inspiring getting the teaching of René Levy.

After my stay in Cuisine et Santé, it was so clear to me that I want to learn more about Macrobiotics and become a professional cook.

My next stage was the pretty rural hotel La bardana - October-November 2014. The cosy kitchen with great views of Sierra de Guara was the perfect place to work with and, at the same time, learn from Jone. After that, I can honestly say, that I've got a good knowledge about how to compose a balanced meal, how to cook properly whole grains, vegetables and legumes, bake vegan cakes, use correctly miso, tamari, gomasio, umeboshi, seaweeds, etc.
February- March 2015: Ferme de Bois- le-Comte. It's a great place with such good vibes. Every week there's a different cook in the kitchen. That made me experiment different ways to cook following microbiotic principles.