Hello~ I'm Giulia, a 14 y/o ftm transgender from Brazil. Due to my disliking to my given name, please call me Kise or Kaoru! I go by he/him/his pronouns only, thanks~!

I've been diasgnosed with ADHD, paranoia, insomnia, depression and anxiety. So from time to time I tend to act a bit weird, my bad! I also get angry at the stupidest things, sorry about that too!

I'm a big fan of B-project, Ensemble Stars, Idolish7, I-chu and Yumecast. I also play Vainglory with my buds.

Sometimes I use honorifics just for a few laughs (-chan, -kun, -san) so don't think I'm a damn weeb.

I'm a hardcore gamer and my favorite franchises are Pokémon, Ace Attorney and the Legend of Zelda!

I'm the unluckiest fellow you'll ever meet, seriously. I get mad and upset over that a lot, so just ignore me and I'll recover in no time.

Also if you're trans/homophobic and/or racist please get the fuck out.

By the way, my main comfort characters are Rei Sakuma (Enstars), Kaito Shindo (Yumecast) and Momo (Idolish7) so sometimes I tend to get possessive over them!

I care lots about my friends! They mean the world to me.

To follow me, just dm me an introduction lol