Student in Canada

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Hey, so this is @simonblackquills's about page and I guess I'll keep this short

-I'm Canadian

-I'm in high school

-I'm apparently an INTJ

-I'm a Pisces

-I won't directly state my name or my grade on my account because I'm worried people irl will recognize me, but it's totally fine to ask me personally what my name is and how old I am

-I do sometimes mention my name but it won't be seen on here or on my instagram bio

-If you couldn't tell by the points I made, I have an irrational dislike of people irl seeing my account

-I post a lot of video game stuff and some anime things, but out of the two I like video games more

-I tend to vent a lot, so sorry if that's annoying

-I don't do much so I'm online often

That's it I guess