Simon Thomas

San Francisco, California

By day a product management rockstar; by night doing ninja social media.

I have 8 years of combined experience as a marketing manager / social media manager, product manager, and CRM.

Some highlights:

• Quarterbacked product and marketing for encrypted VoIP/messaging that was featured in TechCrunch, from concept to launch, pre-selling 1,000+ seats in a matter of days with zero advertising budget.

• Built from scratch an entire social media program and business model for #1 user-contributed news website, scaling it up to 40+ promoters and hundreds of distinct automated publishing channels, generating 1MM+ clicks a month, thereby quadrupling traffic in less than 2 years, from 6 million pageviews a month to 24.5 million pageviews a month, with zero advertising.

• At #1 virtual personal assistant service and a Time Magazine top 2 website of the year, generated record-breaking profits during entire time there, while inventing “Dedicated Assistant” service line, that now has become industry standard service and term.

• Becoming the youngest manager in the entire company for world’s biggest non-profit, took over admin for the largest non-profit salesforce (SFDC) implementation, closed backlog of 200 inherited cases , while, at the same, managing product development in cross-functional team for multiple apps that are still used to this day.

  • Work
    • Unsene
  • Education
    • Lincoln High School
    • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Swarthmore College
    • Vassar College