Simon Close

Simon Close opened Eden Restaurant and Bar, located in Coventry, England, in 2001. Before opening the restaurant, Simon Close oversaw the renovation of the grade 2 listed building that would become home to the establishment. Over the past decade, Eden has become a staple in the Coventry community and is known for its simple, yet inspired food options and extensive wine list. Under Close’s direction, the location increased profits by almost 400 percent in its first two years of operation and has continued to bring in higher yields each successive year. The restaurant claimed four Godiva awards, including Best Service and Best Business. Following his success with Eden, Simon Close became the Director of Coventry’s Establishment Bar & Grill in 2010. As manager of this project, he oversaw the renovation of a historic courthouse and jail and ensured that contractors completed work in a timely manner. The building now houses not only the restaurant and bar, but also commercial spaces available for rent by other businesses. Before undertaking this new project as a restaurateur, Simon Close served as Director of CKM Solutions, Ltd., in Coventry, which sells mobile phone contracts to residential and business customers. Today, he functions as Director with Renewable Micro Solutions, Ltd., alongside his work at Establishment. In this role, he holds responsibility for the installation of renewable energy, business development, and preventative maintenance. During his first year at the company, he increased revenue by 300 percent from the year before. Outside of his professional career, Simon Close remains involved with the Coventry City Football and Rugby Clubs and supports all English athletic teams. He also enjoys reading and traveling.