Simon Conlin

Toronto ON Canada

Simon’s lifelong dedication to digital and mobile media has allowed him to be part of the meteoric rise of these platforms. When Simon is conceiving, planning and producing successful, integrated advertising or mobile campaigns, his infectious energy coupled with his experience and creative, strategic mindset make him a valuable Executive Production Consultant and visionary guide, or as some like to call him, a Digital Sherpa. As Canada's first official Digital Strategist, Simon’s professional experience includes working in Europe and North America as a freelance producer and creative digital strategist for over 15 years, applying creative and strategic production methods to digital media campaigns for agencies and brands. His talent in conceptualizing new creative campaigns and his ability to cultivate relationships and alliances among developers, designers and agencies is globally recognized. Simon is generally renowned as a digital industry connector, having served as Ambassador of FITC events for over 12 years. FITC is a global design and technology event company which originated in Toronto. Simon has been integral in building FITC since its inception back in 2001 as well as helping FITC become the globally recognized industry event and award show that it is today. He was also instrumental in growing the world’s largest Adobe Flash user group based right here in Toronto during his role as Executive Director of FlashinTO. Simon originally hails from England where at age 8 and a half, he started interacting with a ZX80 computer using BASIC. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two children and is a Senior Digital Creative / Producer. More information may be found at

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