Simon Davies

I started "Success With Simon Davies" in 2012, to help and inspire every one to live a long successful fulfilled life. By knowing how to use your mind and body, triggering possitive thoughts and emotions you will live a happier more enjoyable life.

Mr Davies is an entrepreneur, one of the 3 founders of Giftprojetcz. "In order to succeed you have to condition yourself for success", so that you will see the things that appear in your life to help you get to were you want to be, He strongly believes people place may different paths in thier lives to help them succeed by using the power of visualization and manifestation. Since 2011 He has done just that by deeply researching into what people need to enjoy and have overall better more fulfilling life.

Success doesn't just happen, you don't just wake up and one day your successful, you have to work at it. The best way to accomplish this is to make success into a life style. By setting small goals to reach your ultimate goal in life your dreams will come together and your aim won't seam so daunting by doing this.

People want to make changes in all qualities of life weather it being social, financial, their physical body, or spiritual aspect of being there soul. Don't try to emend everything all at once just focus on one area to start with.