Simon Dawson

I am an SEO consultant and web designer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. I regularly take on new projects and help local businesses rank their website in Google.

Recently I’ve worked on a new website which helps residents of Portsmouth, Gosport and Farnham with personal injury and accident claims. These clients may have suffered an injury through now fault of their own or when there has been due negligence or lack of duty of care. These people are entitled to claim for compensation to help them through this difficult period or to help with their injury recovery.

Types of personal injury accidents can include;

Road traffic accidents


Slips, trips or falls

Motorbike accidents

Factory or Industrial disease

Slips in supermarkets or public areas

Sports Injuries

Injuries in the Armed Forces

Environmental Health Issues

Animal Attacks

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Medical Negligence

Portsmouth Injury and Accident Claim Solicitors & Lawyers can help people calculate exactly how much compensation they can be entitled to. Lot so other firms offer online compensation calculators however these claim solicitors believe the best way to calculate exactly how much can be claimed is to talk to them directly. They will put the best solicitor for the injury on to the case.

Portsmouth Injury Claim Solicitors also offer what is known as a No Win No Fee service. This means the client doesn’t have pay expensive legal fees unless the case is won. This is also reassuring for the person that has suffered the personal injury so they can concentrate on recovery and not trying to find the funds to pay for an accident claim solicitor.

I suffered an injury myself a few months ago when I slipped on wet floor in a well known supermarket chain. There weren't any wet floor signs in the area so I contacted Pompey Injury and Accident Claim Lawyers to initially get some free advice and to see if I was entitled to make a claim for compensation. Their expert solicitors talked me through the claims process and what was required. At the time I also took photographs to prove that there were no signs in the area that I slipped, this proved valuable to the case.

If you would like to learn more about no win no fee solicitors