simone stephens

South Africa

My names Simônè Stephens, 23 years old and born and bred in Durban South Africa. I am a defender of the faith believing My Big God makes all things possible and through him I have been blessed with so much in my life. I am a graduate in Public Relations and currently a Social Media Manager and Google Analyst but an aspiring Celebrity/Fashion Publicist and Event Co-Ordinator.

Where it all started

I matriculated at Maris Stella in 2007 and headed straight into my 3 years of studies at Varsity college where I graduated in Public Relations in 2011. I then started working to gain experience in my field of work, to grow and gain more exposure to further my career.

I have always had a passion for fashion, whether it be trying to make my own clothes or styling the odd family member/neighbour. It seems that everyone liked the way I dress and wanted me to implement it into their style. I can say my mothers influence did play a part as she was quite the trendsetter back in her day, so it goes to show “the apple does not fall far from the tree”.

I had the opportunity to attend Cape Town Fashion Week 2011, where I witnessed the lives of celebrities, models and FASHION. Meeting and visiting Gavin Rajah’s studio, seeing behind the scenes and production for fashion the show definitely was a huge highlight for me. Mingling with celebrities and taking in all the limelight that comes with attending these events was an experience I will never forget.

Socializing is what I do best, attending events and meeting people is what I enjoy. (I did not study Public Relations for nothing). I love getting dressed up just to dress up, with no intention of going out but just because I can style myself and look good. Beauty and hair are my other favorites!!

In my flat I am known as the local trendsetter and have offered fashion tips from young ladies to older folks. But besides fashion I have a knack fro Beauty and home decor. I think I have styled all the children’s hair, from matric dances to debs balls to ordinary day to day looks. I guess the beauty of it, hair is a canvas and I get to play around with it. And same goes for people, they are my canvas and I get to style them according to what they comfortable in and also taking them out of their comfort zone (which seems to be what they end up choosing).

Fashion comes in all forms, its how you wear it that is what matters and I gues

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