Simone Morganti

Pisa, Italy

I would be an artist, deep in my heart, since I'd been addicted to music, painting and any kind of human creativity since my childhood.

I'm a hard worker too, for I'm used to manage projects and I'not used to give up until I achieve my goals. Work needs creativity, work needs commitment, that's why I love working. I couldn't stand a boring, unchallenging job.

I spent my childhood in the countryside, so I developed a love with the insects, snakes and every live being usually detested by human kind. I used to grow up spiders in glass bottles and little snakes in cases. Now, I grew up, and I just play hunting lizards, now and then.

Last note: I wrote a book, "Babbo Natale Esiste - c'ho le prove" (Santa's is here, actually - and I can prove it) a book about myself and my personal bond with the religious world. Starting from my personal experience I try to make the reader reflecting on deep subjects like: origin of life, death, the way our brain works and so on...

End of "Bio"

  • Work
    • Tesene srl
  • Education
    • Liceo Scientifico F. Buonarroti
    • University of Pisa