Simone A Mason Ph.D.

United States

I am the Author of the Collaborative Process of Service delivery for practitioners in Human Services, in working with the Re-Entering Ex-Offender populations. It's working!

I introduced this process model in Connecticut in 2001, and through the GWB Administration as a Speaker at the HHS Strengthening Americas Children and Families conference, in 2005, who partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council. I was Mentored in the development of the Model by Donald DeVore of Innovative Educational Programs, 2000 - 2003, who was responsible for making sweeping changes in Connecticut Corrections programs development, assessment, and ensuring the Safety and Welfare of Youth in the Child welfare system within the State of Connecticut Youth Justice environment.

Changes were made in the administration, and in the supervision of all programs within the State Youth Justice Services systems.

I am an Ambassador For Peace; Mother; Grandmother, Humanitarian and Environmentalist.

Why Do I do what I do?

As an Environmentalist (Recycling and Solid Waste) we have to see the higher value of the Person being redeemed, or in need of redemption before we place more value on a redeemable Bottle or Can.

If we can't see that...we're all lost.

  • Work
    • Humaitarian; Author and Woman of Faith
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    • Ph.D.