Simon Rasmussen

Web Developer, Writer, and Father in Denmark, USA

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I was born in the end of Second World War on Faroe Islands which at that time was occupied of The British Military in order to defend us from beeing catched by Hitlers troops.

My childhood was very exiting. Our playground was from the beach all over to the top of the mountains.

I went to sea on the age of 14. That was everybodys dream by then to be a sailor or fisherman and catch fish from the far oceans. After 2 years I had got enough and went to land and started my education.

Originally I am a boat-/shipbuilder and after 10 years in this wonderful industry I started as a construction builder and was selfemployed for many years.

Now my construction carreer is over and I am pensionaired. Instead I spend a lot of time in network marketing and other small business online. That is a fantastic thing to do and I enjoy it so much.

Now the children are grown up and started their own life my wife and I are sitting here at our home and just have a good time.

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