Bastrop Texas

Welcome to my page. My name is Sim. I write (at the present moment) short stories that generally involve themes of angst, mischief, adversity, tenacity, and grit. I love writing stories with Southern and Western themes and about things that are broken and weathered.

Mostly I love to write about the human spirit. I have always been blessed in my life to encounter “old souls”, as I like to say, “with the strength and spirit of leather”. When I write- it’s for the broken ones, the flighty girls, and the imperfect things that make life such a bittersweet and beautiful experience.

Right now I am working on a five part short story series, release date to be determined. In the meantime on my the website you will find some excerpts of stories I have written, along with some of the things that inspire me everyday. I am always working on unique projects and looking for ways to be collaborative and creative. If I'm not writing or working on documentaries, I'm probably up to no good.

Please use the links below to contact me and learn more.

Simone Nacerema (a.k.a. M.I.S. SIM) is an American writer, poet, and documentarian. Her name, ‘Simone’, means to be heard, while her last name comes from the word American and two spanish words contained in it: ‘Nacer’, meaning “to be born”, and ‘Remar’, meaning “to row, to toil, to struggle”.

She currently lives in Bastrop, Texas on a ranch. Learn more at

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