Simone Shouna Salām

Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

I AM...a happy, hippy, light-filled Lady from the City of Toronto, Canada, healing and harmonzing this beautiful mother earth, while sharing the Light of the Creator through many pathways of peace.

Assalaamu Alaikum to each and every soul, reading this message. May the light of the Creator fill you and your loved ones with heavenly bliss, and may the love of the merciful and compassionate Creator surround you.

May today and each day forward, be filled with prosperity, enlightenment, and the presence of the Lord; the Almighty Creator who is known by many beautiful attributes, yet ultimately is the one powerful Almighty force, which sustains the universe and the hereafter. May your faith be restored in the Almighty Creator, Lord of the Universe; the Master on the day of Judgement (final/end of days in this World of Chaos), and may you place all of your trust in the Almighty Creator who is the Eternal One, and who is greater than all there is. May the love of the Creator touch you now, to remind you that the Eternal love is unconditional. The Almighty Creator loves you, right now, just the way you are. The Almighty Creator knows all about you; every secret, every move, every error and all that is hidden. Your soul knows this, now accept all that you just read.

If you are lost, hurt, confused, dying, frustrated, or surrounded by any other negatives, stop right now, close your eyes, place your right hand on your heart, count to seven in your head and say:

"Thank you for loving me, forgiving me, and not forgetting me. Today, I am letting go of all forms of negatives. Now they are past me. Now I can move forward. I forgive every soul, as you have forgiven me. Now, I am ready to embrace the Light of the Creator. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Amen"

May today and each day forward, be filled with spiritual growth and forgiveness. May today and each day going forward, be filled with an increase of light.

May all souls actively seek and embrace the Light of the Creator, and may humanity be harmonized, through the univeral message of love, that is taught timelessly through many spiritual pathways of truth. The truth is timeless, and the universal message cannot die.

  • Work
    • Writer, Author, Spiritual Healer and Light-Worker
  • Education
    • University of Toronto