Simone Tarantino

entrepreneur in New York

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I am serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience of Technology, Fashion, Luxury, and several other fields starting my career with companies that shaped the IT world at the time when the IT world was being shaped. I learned my way in to entrepreneurship, transforming innovative dreams in to companies. Sold my first company in Italy in 2004. Grow from a local product to an internationally known platform. Created from an idea to a SaaS infrastructure that is disrupting a $160B industry.
Starting in May 2016, I am in charge of expanding the operations of Startup Home from Europe to the US.

Driven by the desire of innovate, in 2003, I launched a management and marketing consulting company focused on creating new intersections between technology and the workplace to create smarter and more efficient ways to conduct business. In addition to developing a deeper knowledge of numerous industry verticals, I developed executive expertise in identifying new business opportunities, developing a comprehensive plan to successfully address them and managing the execution.
I can easily present needs and plans internally and externally, always shifting negative situations toward positive outcomes, using empiric and analytical skills.

Having experienced both the start-up and the corporate environment, I can effectively manage cross-functional teams and budgets, as well as overseeing and monitor campaign execution and optimization of the various elements within the strategic assets developed for the client.

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