S i m o n e t t e

Small Business Owner and Writer in the Philippines

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A twenty-something Pinay who thinks that life is too short to miss out on the good stuff. Aspires to be a great lawyer someday! Domesticated yet sophisticated! ;-)

I like trying out anything but I always tend to get impatient I end up not finishing what I started. Therefore, I see myself as not really the best in something.

I blog for the fun of it. It has also become my outlet and a way of telling (and proving to) myself that ther are real people at the other side of the world. I'm glad somebody, somehow, listens to my random rants. :)

I'm a social media and networking fan. I am fascinated with the internet and how it makes the world smaller. Through the world wide web, you also get to really appreciate the word even more.

I'm a middle child. ║I'm into books and crafts. ║I'm interested in fashion, entertainment, music, and.. well, I guess, everything else! ║I love anything vintage, the smell of anything that says musk, pinks and flowers, greens and browns and handwritten fonts! ║I love notebooks, and pens, and journals, and stationeries, and stick ons, and note pads, and highlighters.. you get the picture! :) ║I love(d) the Spice Girls haha! I also like the Beatles and Coldplay.

║I love anything free. When I buy, I always make sure that it's a great bargain. The only thing I splurge on is food. I accept any gift, and never throw anything away. I'm a packrat, which is bad because my room ends up like a mouse hole. ║I also love snail mail. ║And crafts. ║And nail polish. ║And oh, lip gloss too!