Simone Venner

Simone Venner


trained from the age of 5, Simone has performed in many of London's top

theatres and stages over the past two decades and has performed with many
different acts from lovefreekz to Rose Royce.

After performing in theatre's Simone was to unleash yet another talent, hitting
the studio from the age of 16 where she has been writing and performing ever
since, currently working in the south of Thailand over that past two years, Simone
has managed to perfect many different genres of music.

Simone: I have been brought up with a musical background, both my father and
brother are

Dj's and my closest uncle is well known for his drumming skills, there was
never a quiet moment in my childhood household and it's made me who I am today.
Music is my passion and I love to perform.

Nina Simone- where I originally get my name from, Marvin Gaye, Louis Armstrong,
Michael Jackson just to name a few.

is me being me.