Simon Franklyn

Simon was born in England into a creative family of working actors and writers, His parents also ran a small theater company and it was here that he got his first insight into the production process; helping his father build sets and rig lighting for many productions.

Continuing with the creative theme Simon ventured into music, playing guitar and keyboards for several years. He also apprenticed as a stained glass artist in London and set up a glass design business. Examples of his glass work can be seen in commercial spaces and homes in England, Australia and the USA.

Simon became involved in the sailing world early and began crewing on large ocean racing yachts in the offshore races that ran between England , Ireland and Europe. He trained as a Yachtmaster in the UK and has sailed as a captain in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific.

With a knowledge of yacht rigging, a feel for music, and a desire for travel, Simon then began a 20 year career touring the world with rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, Queen, Genesis, Paul McCartney and many others.

As the concert touring era faded, Simon moved to the USA in 1990 and founded his own rigging company providing rigging services to TV productions, Movies, Sports events, Special events and live concerts.

Simon continues to design and rig large complex structures and is a consultant to Architects, Artists, Designers, Performers, and Multimedia Corporations, Helping them to turn their ideas, designs, and concepts into reality.