Simon G. Mueller

Simon G. Mueller made his first steps in filmmaking in 1998, when he was working on an early version of "post mortem" with his friend and co-writer Sebastian Marchsteiner in Austria. After several short film projects Mueller studied for a short time at the Film Akademie Wien. In 2005 he released his first feature film "Stylers" in Austria, the film was shot without any budget over a time period of almost 3 years, Mueller was doing almost all the departments by himself. One of the leading actors in "Stylers" was Markus Mueller who became his cinematographer years later. At the premiere of "Stylers" in February 2005 Simon G. Mueller met the Austrian film producer Alfred Ninaus who became his friend and mentor. Mueller wrote several feature film screenplays in this time, like "therefore I am" and "FATALIS".In 2009 he moved to the United States to improve his directing skills as a student of William Tyler Smith and Paul Warner at the New York Film Academy. His latest works were presented to the public at the Big Apple Film Festival 2011 and the Honolulu Film Awards 2012.

Today he lives and works in New York City.