Takashi Shirogane fanclub

Student in Washington, DC

Takashi Shirogane fanclub

Student in Washington, DC

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Don't follow me if:


-You have any kind of IP/web address tracker on your blog. That's creepy as fuck and it also fucks with my anxiety a lot.

-You think it's not acceptable to call out minors/mentally ill people for being shitstains (I'm a mentally ill minor fyi)

-You follow/associate with the-red-church. I shouldn't even have to explain why their blog is garbage.

-You're a part of the tcc (true crime community), idolize serial killers or shooters, are part of the tumblr shoplifting community or support/condone any of these.

-You're a porn blog/nsfw blog/you post/reblog a lot of porn (includes drawn porn)

-You don't like people using the term "allosexual/alloromantic"

-You're racist/sexist/homophobic/ableist/discriminate against people for stuff they can't help

-You're any kind of kin (unless you're a mutual and not kin with any of my faves)

-You support/agree with/condone/think it's okay to like or enjoy pedophilia or incest

-You're a 'tucute'

-You think it's not possible to be racist to white people

-You think it's not possible to be sexist to men.

-You're a misandrist/hate men

-You don't think aroaces are LGBT+ (Includes cis aroaces)

-You're an a(ce)phobe or think being aroace is somehow """harmful"""

-You discriminate against people for something they can't help, like sex or race, regardless of their minority or majority status.

-You believe in "physical removal"

-You hate Capitalism.

-Ship/support incest or pedophilia (even for """"coping"""")

-Associate with any of the following people:

@t0astiegh0stie (instagram)

@coffee.matsuno (instagram)

@redblueyoshi91 (instagram)

Ask to follow if:

-You use Tumblr terms seriously

-You think "kinphobia" or discrimination against kin exists.

-You use 'neopronouns' (anything besides he, she, they, or it)

-You ship real people (esp. people who aren't a couple or have asked to not be shipped)

-You're a feminist. Depending on how extreme your views are I may or may not let you follow. If you're a chill feminist it's fine to follow me!

-You're otherkin/fictionkin

-You dislike any of my faves/comfort characters!! I'm gonna post abt them a lot and reblog art of them too!