Simone Olivier

Teacher, Blogger, and Influencer in Johannesburg, South Africa

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I'd like to believe that I am a humble individual, being humble is not the part that I wonder about, but rather being a true individual, I long and always have longed for people (including myself) to realise their full potential.

I truly believe that we all have something that is uniquely ours, and at the end of the day sets us apart from others, and no... I do not mean that where you came from i.e. rags or riches, sets you apart, also not where it is that you are today, but rather where it is that you are headed in life that will determine what sets you apart from others. I would say my goal in life is to highlight every unique thing about me, whether it is my pale skin, the way i tend to sleep with my mouth open, or the way I dream of being a success.... THIS IS ME

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