Simon Jowett

I've written animation for UK, US and European networks, ranging from silent five-minute comedies for pre-schoolers to big, 'splodey 22-minute action adventures and, more recently, DVD features.

A pre-school series I co-created is under option and in active development and negotiations for the option on a comedy adventure series for older children are ongoing.

My live action credits range from slapstick sketches for pre-schoolers to sitcom for 6-11 year-olds and feature-length adaptations of children's fiction.

I've written for games based on classic TV properties (Thunderbirds), co-scripted a groundbreaking (at the time) mix of console game and SF web serial and developed characters, scenarios and scripts for a web-based game rolled out over real time by the BBC.

I've also consulted on narrative development for global children's IPs, written for James Bond, Spider-Man and Dr Who and continue to write original weird fiction for children and adults who should know better.