Simon King

Johannesburg, South Africa

I'm a doctor. But I really enjoy figuring out how people think and how they might mess things up. And it gets very interesting when you mix that with healthcare systems and work out how to make it all better. With less error. I love ideas, tackling big problems, finding a fresh perspective and tethering big ideas to solid evidence.

Currently I live in South Africa, have started a couple of companies, provide telemedical services to tourists, analyse and manage medical cases and work with a team of incident managers, minimizing human and asset losses and protecting reputation and business for organizations impacted by critical incidents.

When not doing that, I love walking along a game trail in the bush, to see where it goes and what is down it. Or maybe flying a microlight above it for a change of viewpoint. Perhaps I'm working out how to fool a trout whilst knee deep in a stream; or getting lost in some detail I am trying to capture through the lens of a camera.

It's all about perspective, about seeing things that haven't been seen before, and working out what works in this world we live in. I think that's what makes living really worthwhile.