Simon Kofkin-Hansen

CTO Hybrid Cloud Distinguished Engineer Cloud Auto in Raleigh, North Carolina

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 Currently I am responsible for the strategy around Orchestration and Automation across IBM, covering both IBM and non-IBM product sets. I have extensive experience with a multitude of clients around the world and across all industry types in providing guidance, strategy as well as a path forward while they engage in various parts of their transformation to the cloud and adoption of higher levels of automation within their businesses.

 As well as being known within the industry for my contribution to cloud computing, My appreciation of the technology, script based automation, and the value that these re-usable automation components can bring our clients, has helped to refocus the software delivery model globally across the IT industry. My innovation in the application of automation technology is reflected in both the acceleration of service delivery in support of IBM's clients, as well as in the patents filed with regard to the deployment of Cloud and complex Information Technology Systems. I am a globally recognized leader within the IBM software automation ecosystem and hence, often sought after for my technical knowledge and insights from across IBM’s clients, partners and internal business units. I apply my deep technical knowledge, and understanding of technology trends, to drive the development of new product offerings and to ensure that IBM can adapt quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the Cloud based market place. I am skilled in the art of fostering partnerships and technical collaboration across IBM, as well as partner vendor organizations, to draw out technical best practice and drive innovative thinking. I have a passion to immerse myself in the challenges faced by our clients and find new and creative ways to resolve these challenges whilst inspiring those around me to excel.

 While I am not working with my head in the clouds I enjoy spending quality time with my two daughters and wife at our home in North Carolina. We enjoy a variety of outdoor activities ranging from hiking, cross country running on one of our many local trails or catching the latest movie showing.