Simon Knapp

New York, New York

I grew up in the leafy suburbs of London, England and have since lived in many different cities on 3 different continents. At 19 i began flight training in New Zealand, spending a year enjoying flying through the beautiful scenery offered up by the fantastic Kiwi landscape. From there i finished my training in the UK and started flying passenger jets at 21. The flying job is great but i have always wanted to do more, and to give back. In 2008 i created Jumpseat Aviation. a low cost pilot recruitment company. However the economy tanked and air travel went through a prolonged slump so that venture was short lived! In 2012 i created iBidpack, an iPad app which helps pilots build there flying schedules as they desire. This ongoing project offered a great learning curve as i discovered exactly what goes in to a tech design project. It allowed me to grow my skill set and become a savvy project manager. In late 2013 i decided to create Cherished Ideas (, which will offer an ethical freelancing platform for freelancers of all disciplines. The site will go live in April 2014 and from there...who knows what project will be next!

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