Simon Lancaster-Brown

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Father in Harrogate, United Kingdom

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We are a family on a journey back to full health and wellness and we want to share our story with others who may be experiencing something similar, to say to them you are not alone and let's fight back together!

Our story started about 2 1/2 years ago when our daughter contracted pneumococcal meningitis (No rash). We had wonderful care from our GP practice at the Spa Surgery, Mowbray Square and Florence was also admitted to the children's ward in Harrogate District Hospital. Due to their dedicated care, she made a full recovery.

In 2017, I was pale, weak, thin and exhausted. I could not stay awake for a whole day and I was so stiff that I struggled to get a coat on. My incapacity was incredibly tough for my wonderful wife Libby. The eventual diagnosis was a Pituitary Tumour. which was successfully removed by the Neurosurgery team at LGI in Dec 2017. It was a 5-hour procedure. Unfortunately, I also developed Klebsiella Meningitis (no rash) from the surgery, which was a slim possibility. Our GP practice, specifically Dr. Dariush Saeedi, again made the right call and the Harrogate District Hospital looked after me and returned me to good health. Thank you all!

So that was our recent experience. I am aware that many people have far greater challenges, and we are very very lucky and blessed to be fully well again. We are now on a journey to return to full health, wellness, and fitness. That's what social media posts over the next 90 days will be about. Please follow us if these could help you - perhaps you or someone close to you is on your own journey of recovery and rebuilding? I'd love to hear from you - let's do this together!