Simon Lavoie


I'm enthusiastic, committed and motivated, with a communications background and strong writing, research, and analytical skills that I've used to plan brand strategy and improve sales. Fluent in both English and French? Of course, with extensive knowledge of the preparation, management, and on-site coordination of promotional & marketing events across diverse industries and audiences. I complement that with varied experience in written content for websites, newsletters, and sales & marketing collateral. Brands and organizations I've worked with include Ford, Pacifico Beer, Nike, VANOC, Giant Bikes, and BoatSmart. Oh, and a little company out of Cupertino called Apple. This experience is complemented by a short stint at Manulife, a Canada-based behemoth in financial services.

So basically, all the complicated copy above tells you is that I aim for excellence and manage to do it all while having fun. Check out my LinkedIn profile here, I've likely got what you're looking for. Or check out my infographic-like profile at Vizify if you want to see something really cool.