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The Sound Junky is the ultimate go-to website for anyone with the passion for music. From beginners to pros, we have useful reviews of guitars and other musical equipment.


When you’re learning a new instrument, you want to make sure you know all you need to know to get started. Here at The Music Junky, we share in your passion of creating music and we connect with you and your learning journey by giving you our reviews of guitars and other musical instruments out there.

We look at instruments and tell you our honest evaluations. We have lots of content on many kinds of guitars that you can choose from, and we’re also venturing into including a lot of other instruments, so that everything you need is all in one place. Make sure to include The Sound Junky in your musical journey. Visit our website to get started!

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We review all kinds of guitars, acoustic, electric, you name it. We also have content that talk about pedals, tuners, and other accessories. Our reviews are also subdivided into level, budget, and the type of guitar so you can easily navigate through our website and find what you need.

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