simon hudson

Project Manager and Consultant in England, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Simon. I work principally in construction project management, although my skill sets and experience take in a broad spectrum of the construction and property industry. I live in West Sussex, England. I am a great lover of animals, wildlife and nature, but dogs and countryside walking in particular. Whilst I read keenly, I am a movie addict. I think I might be described as being 'nuts' about sports and am a very keen golfer now that I no longer partake in the more active team, sports. You are likely to find me outdoors whenever possible spending much of my personal time on garden and property maintenance. I'm passionate about Classic Cars too, albeit talentless in their maintenance. I have spent considerable time visiting the USA and Australia in recent years where I have family. I am not an adrenalin-junkie, being more inclined towards a calm and peaceful life.