Simon Morris

London, United Kingdom.

Simon Morris is a professional in the business industry and property development, who has used his experience and knowledge to deal with a wide range of businesses, with a particular emphasis on local high businesses such as pub, pharmacists, retail stores; the cornerstones of modern British industry.

Investment is a particular speciality of Simon’s and he has considerable experience investing in businesses along with their associated assets. Furthermore he channels his considerable expertise into providing advice on capital funding issues and for people who are seeking out funds to increase their investment portfolio.

In any business venture staying informed is an essential element of success; after all if you don’t know about any mitigating factors from the outside world that may impact your project, how can you ensure that you react according?

This is why reporting on current affairs and new in the business industry, as well as identifying key trends and updating readers on the current financial status of the economy, is a lynchpin of the Simon Morris blog. You need knowledge to succeed.

The securing of financing is a particularly relevant issue for the local business community. This is because it is not always a simple process to secure funding from a bank. This is why this blog seeks to provide help in how to secure loans from lenders other than banks.

The Simon Morris blog is the blog to visit if you want to read thought provoking articles that explore key issues in the business industry -