Simon Morton

Storyteller, Producer, and Presenter in Wellington, New Zealand

Work out with me

Simon Morton is a curious person. He presented and co-produced Radio New Zealand's consumer sci-tech programme 'This Way Up' for 13 years; in 2018 it won 'Best weekly or daily programme' at the NZ Radio Awards. He reports for the BBC World Service 'Click' programme. He's won a few gongs, including a Gold Medal for best social issues or current affairs programme at the New York Festival Radio Awards 2012 for the programme 'Broken River', and winner of best non-fiction book, New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2013 for '100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa'.

He's presented and co-produced a number of TV shows, two series of 'Forensics NZ' (PRIME TV), 'Along for the ride' where he rides a bike around NZ (TVNZ One), 'Why We Buy'(TVNZ One), 'Use As Directed' (TVNZ 6/7) and 'Tales From Te Papa' (TVNZ 6/7 with a book version and educational DVD published).

Before moving into radio in 2001, Simon had a varied and disjointed professional 'career'. His first proper job was a three-year stint for Bungy pioneer AJ Hackett based in Queenstown for a year before heading to France to help set up their European operations. Before this he worked as a recruitment consultant in London, repaired skis in France, cleared tables at a Palm Beach country club and was MC of a weekly talent night in Majorca.

Simon's worked at the BBC World Service in London producing the weekly technology series, Click (Digital Planet) and has also produced work for National Public Radio in the US, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Outside work he enjoys riding bikes, cooking, surfing and having fun with his family based in Wellington.