Simon Offan

Simon Offan

Years ago, only people who have high-risk jobs and the ones in authority are generally observed dressing up in flame retardant high visibility clothing. But these days, seemingly, everybody, young and old, is wearing one - whether it's high visibility short pants, vest, or a jacket. What's with all of these luminescent clothes, by the way? Why is everybody suddenly wearing highly visible outfit and/or bringing high visibility items?

Right before learning much deeper on the purposes of people wearing high visibility waterproof clothing, let's check out first to the historical past of this striking outfit.

History of high visibility outfit

High visibility vests were initially presented as an experimental research in Scotland in the year 1964. This was then coined as Fire-flies and was put to use to keep track of technicians in the electric line in Glasgow. The train operators were then asked about the vest’s efficacy in keeping the laborers seen and they agreed that they are surely easier to be seen with the vest on.

Within the law, the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act as well as the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment at Work management demands all, starting from persons in charge to the security officers, in hazardous sectors to make use of high visibility garments while in the workplace to make sure of the safety.

Right up until a few years ago, only individuals that have risky jobs like firefighters, electricians, and people exposed to harmful substances are seen wearing highly visible apparel, a fire retardant high visibility clothing more specifically. This highly visible type of attire does not simply cause them to become noticeable, it also makes them fire-proof.

Nowadays, a lot of people continues in promoting its use however, the most recent authority to do this is Kent County Council. They have been endorsing its usefulness with the aid of their 120 “walking buses” where kids walk to school together while dressed in high visibility apparel.

Somehow, people have grown acquainted towards putting on hi vis clothes of all kinds. In the case you are eager to find out why, you’ll discover by reading through this article.

Why is everyone wearing high visibility apparel?

Individuals tend to be more careful a