Simon Peyret

The world is struggling with the costs and impacts of ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels. "The cheapest energy is that which is not consumed" (Négawatt Institute), that the new systems approach in which our societies have just entered. One of the important ideas is that a low carbon energy scenario cannot hang the sign "business as usual" in its window. It is indispensably to accept the new paradigm that lies before us. We must abandon on the roadside 30 years of ways to use energy.

I am project manager "Local Climate and Energy Strategy" for the urban community of Grand Tarbes (80 000 inhabitants). The purpose of my mission is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas and to adapt this territory to the effects of climate change. The development of an energy scenario local low carbon is a complex but important. It aims to reduce the gaps between the objectives of mitigation and adaptation set, the region's potential and policy.

Earlier, in Paris, I was advised for individuals and local communities in renewable energy and energy solutions in the building on behalf of the French Agency for the Environment of the Energy Management "ADEME". Agency under the joint authority of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.

Today, with stakeholders from the territory of the urban community of Grand Tarbes our playground is:

350 buildings, including 170 gas boilers

660 enclosures for public lighting

50,000,000 kWh used in 2010

An invoice of € 3.5 million, up 30% since 2000,

It is therefore urgent to act!