Simon Quinn Audio

Career History


Trainee Sound Technician / BoomOperator

Greendow (Manchester Production Services) Ltd. Manchester

Worked in studio and on location for both live and recorded programmes. Worked on attachment to Granada Television in the Film Department on programmes such as World in Action, Celebration, Coronation Street and some Drama Documentaries. Also gained experience while running the Sound Transfer Bay at Greendow transferring ¼ " rushes from dramas such as 'Sherlock Holmes' to 16/35 mm magnetic film for editing.


Freelance Sound Assistant / Boom Operator

Worked a lot with Granada TV, Central TV and the BBC mainly on Film projects, but also on many commercials and programmes on Video ( 1" and Betacam )


Sound Technician

Omega Broadcast, Manchester

Again working on commercials, broadcast and corporate programmes, also on Outside Broadcasts with companies such as Creative Technology, Visions Mobiles and Carlton Broadcast Facilities. I also designed and commissioned the audio requirements into Omega's 3 camera OB unit and Supervised / Mixed on programmes such as football ( Granada ), boxing ( Fight Night Granada / Central), rugby, horse racing, conferences, etc. Later designed and commissioned the audio requirements into a further 6 camera OB unit for Omega. I Supervised / Mixed all Omega's Outside Broadcasts and was responsible for hiring freelance staff, equipment, etc. During this period I also became involved in a three month drama production for Granada / Cinema Verity ( 'Coasting' ) as well as continuing to carry out PSC work for many of Omega's clients.

1994 - 2012

Freelance Sound Recordist / Mixer / Engineer

In the past eighteen years I have worked in Outside Broadcasts ( Sound Assistant, Sound Mixer, Sound Supervisor and Guarantee Engineer on both Live / Recorded Broadcasts / Events ) and Portable Single Camera and on the rare occasion Film. During the course of this I have worked on a wide and diverse set of subject matters and locations ranging from the jungles of Borneo to an undisclosed location 160 metres under the Atlantic Ocean to a golf course in the middle of a desert.

Countries Visited Last 10 Years

USA, Sweden, Panama, Morocco, South Africa, Qatar, Cyprus, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Australia, UAE, Borneo, Azores, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Switzerland,