Simon Repton

Simon Repton is an accomplished adventure athlete. The 36-year-old adventurer has spent his life setting unrealistic goals and working towards them one step at a time, from running ultra marathons to skydiving at Mount Everest to participating in the largest official US Wingsuit skydive (68 people). His passion for adventure sports has offered many opportunities—and challenges.

Originally a competitive runner, Simon’s career as a marathon and 50k runner was cut short after a tragic snowboard accident left him with two broken wrists, a broken leg and a paralyzed lower leg. It took more than two years of hard work and physical therapy before the former ski instructor regained any feeling in his lower leg, and several more years to regain feeling in his toes.

Although Simon still has challenges with some leg movements, he continues his pursuit of adventure athletics. He switched from running to hiking, and was able to accomplish a non-stop crossing of the Grand Canyon in just 16 hours. Two years later, he did ever better—crossing both ways in under 24 hours.

An accomplished pilot and skydiver, Simon took his first parachute lesson in 1997. By 2008, Simon had become a member of the first Skydive Everest Expedition. He jumped from 29,500 ft. in front of the face of Mount Everest. The high altitude forced him to use an extra-large canopy, oxygen and cold-weather gear. The event made history, but took an unexpected twist when rapidly changing weather conditions forced him to make an emergency landing at the Royal Yak Farm, high in the Kumbu Valley.

An IT consultant by career, adventure sports are Simon’s passion. He is well traveled, and has spent time exploring New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, South America and Europe. A native of England, Simon now makes his home in Breckenridge, Colorado.