Simon Shapiro

He has held executive and consulting positions across these specialities within banks, financial exchanges and consulting firms. Besides consulting on numerous projects, Simon’s direct industry experience has included Chief Information Officer, Chief Executive Office (Treasury), Chief Operating Officer (Trading), and Executive Chairman (Financial Exchange). Simon has a deep and enduring passion for all matters to do with wholesale markets. Throughout his career he has led and managed many technical and business teams in order to design and implement financial exchanges; introduce risk management functions; develop the capabilities to trade profitably in derivative markets; develop and implement trading, and risk management systems; and overhaul operational processes and data flows to successfully meet the regulatory changes.

As an author and academic Simon is currently researching the way in which banks’ relationships with their stakeholders affected their profitability through the financial crisis of 2007/2008. This research is pointing to the importance of broadening strategic processes in firms to consider explicitly the needs of and impacts of their decisions on customers, staff, shareholders and the broader economy. Banks need to understand that value is broader than pure economic value and exists in the lasting relationships between management and all stakeholders. So value is in the ‘use’ or ‘experience’ of the banking services and needs to be perceived as being fairly shared amongst the stakeholders.

Simon has presented at conferences and lectured on practical risk management in banks, governance of information technology, enterprise architecture, and business process driven computing.

• Treasury Operations • Risk Management • Regulatory Trends • Regulatory Reporting • Financial Exchanges • Clearing Hous