Simon Sovič

Maribor, Slovenia

Dear hero,

First let me welcome you to my official online business card. It's a very selective process to get to it, and you're one of the few worldwide super heros to get access to it ;)

Now it is up to me, an enthusiastic student of Architecture with great ambitions, to introduce you to a little part of my world. Besides architecture, I realize the importance of entrepreneurship. A field I must have gotten inspired for during the four years of living in Israel, the so called Start-up nation.

Furthermore, I'm a Storyteller at Edgar with responsibilities including marketing and community managment. I am also a very passionate athlete with a tremendous love for sports, to whom dedication and hard work aren’t a mystery.

For the future, I plan to one day have my own company, either an architecture practice or a start-up.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at

  • Education
    • Architecture at the University of Maribor