Simon Tetreault

Born april 1984 in Québec city, I grew up in a kind and inspiring environment. On the south side of St-Laurent river, I did my primary education in public school, guided by really driven older brother and sister.

Nature and Snowboard lover, I had the chance to attend hightschool in Snowboard sport-school program of Quebec in Mont-St-Anne from 1998-2000. After reforming with my fellow students the program to allow more options in our training, creating concentration in either freestyle or race practice ( we were big air junkies ), the program was closed, suffering from attrition in demands and qualifying students-athletes.

So, back on the southside, attending public hight school at ESLE, I was animated by a whole different spirit. I was than, for the first time, allowed to spend most of my time with my cheerished "home-town" friends (my parents first didn't allowed us to go public school in our neigberhood, considering the really low regional ranking and multiple opportunities for so called "bad-influences"). If this episode has been a detour school/professionnaly, by making me way more hedonist, and way less accomplishment targeted, it has been without a doubt one of the most profitable experience. The union factor among us friends was based on a sens of freedom and creativity that allowed us to really think out of the box, and of course, break every boundaries forsake.

Entering college in the less academiquely demanding program, Social-Science without math, influenced by a sens of boredom and aversion to any kind of discipline, I ended being supprisingly interested by unexpected subjects. Philosophy, psychology and sociology made me realize that there was patterns recognizable everywhere when you took time to look at it. That pattern recognition sensitivity was the sparkle that lighted up my insatiable apetite for science in general. From than on, becoming a Doctor in medicine seemed to be the ultimate goal.

  • Work
    • Resident Dr. In Family Medecine (Csss Laval)
  • Education
    • PSQ, ESMSA, ESLE, CSF, U.Laval, ParisV, UdeM